Arxiu cos creació pensament
L'animal a l'esquena 2001-2010
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The archive can be accessed in different ways:

Documents are classified according to categories that articulate the activities of L'animal a l'esquena and later the archive's contents:
-Activities: Master, Residencies, Laboratories, Workshops, Seminars, Conrferences, Events (Temporada Alta, Party), Network projects.
-Thematic axes
: Education, Creation, Archive.
-Collaborators: list of artists, projects, researchers, entities.

Selection of interviews with different artists.

Selection of edited and/or published materials.

Docs on-line
Selection of documents in different formats accessible through the web.

A Search tool allowing any user to trace and locate archive material from a series of key words or from the format, date, title or ID (the Identity Number related to each item). Documents are ordered and classified according to the activities (Search) or in a list form (Search by documents).