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 Contact Improvisation Archive 

Steve Paxton & others

DVD #1

1979. B&W. Duration: 9:36
Edit of the first Contact Improvisation demonstrations/installation in N.Y.C. at the John Webere Gallery in 1972. Performers from N.Y.C., University of Rochester, Oberlin College, and Bennington College. With narration by Steve Paxton describing some of the original concerns of the form.
Script/Narration: Steve Paxton
Camera: Steve Christiansen
Editing: Christiansen, Lisa Nelson, Steve Paxton

1987. Color and B&W. Duration: 22:45
A sweeping look at 11 years of practice of Contact Improvisation by Nancy Stark Smith and initiator, Steve Paxton. The progression – from its beginnings in 1972 through successive years of performances up to 1983 – shows one strand of the development of this multifaceted duet dance form.
Featured performers: Steve Paxton, Nancy Stark Smith
Script/Narration: Steve Paxton
Editing: Steve Christiansen, Lisa Nelson, Steve Paxton, Nancy Stark Smith

DVD # 2

1972. B&W., Duration 9:30
Document of a dance by Steve Paxton at Oberlin College, Ohio in January, 1972. The piece is often referred to as the seminal work for Contact Improvisation.
Performers: John Faichney, Steve Paxton, Chris Peck, Curt Siddal, Peter Walsh, Doug Winter and others.
Video: Steve Christiansen

1975. B&W. Duration: 18:00
Selections from a Contact Improvisation concert in Rome at L'Attico Gallery in 1973.
Performers: Annette LaRoque, David Woodberry, Steve Paxton, Mary Fulkerson, Nancy Stark Smith, Danny Lepkoff.
Camera: Steve Christiansen
Editing: Steve Christiansen, Lisa Nelson

DVD #3

CONTATCT AT 10th & 2nd
1983. Color. Duration: 49:05
Document of the 11th anniversary of Contact Improvisation performance at St. Mark's Church in N.Y.C. with dancers from England, Canada and the U.S.
Performers: Steve Paxton, Nancy Stark Smith, Kirstie Simson, David Appel, Peter Ryan, Alan Patshek, Robin Feld
Cameras: Lisa Nelson, Christina Svane, Cathy Weis
Editing: Lisa Nelson

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0/45/1 Video2009Eng(Contact Improvisation Archive dvd#1) -Fall after Newton (1987) -Chute (1979)
0/45/2 Video2009Eng(Contact Improvisation Archive dvd#2) -Magnesium (1972) -Peripheral vision (1975) -Soft Pallet (1979)
0/45/3 Video2009Eng(Contact Improvisation Archive dvd#3) Contact at 10th & 2