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 Embodied Context: On Dramaturgy in Contemporary Dance and Performance 
(Seminar Master )

Escoles Velles (Carretera de juià, 88. Celrà)
From 01/04/2008 to 04/04/2008

Bojana Kunst

L'animal a l'esquena and the Master MACAPD (Master in Contemporary Arts Practice and dissemination) organized in collaboration with the FUdGiF and the Càtedra Unesco, presents Bojana Kunst's seminar. Professor Kunst is a philosopher, dancer and a playwriter coming from Slovenia.

"If we say that art is a public act, we say also that it is never isolated from signification. Artists today work inside the dense network of historical, social, artistic and political contexts. At the same time these contexts are not only discursive, but also sensorial and embodied.

In my lectures I will be disclosing the role and position of the dramaturgy with theoretical and practical examples. We will be focused especially on the problem of the context and dissemination, which changed a lot in the last decades. What is especially interesting is also to observe the discoursive and embodied layers of dramaturgical discourse and their role in the process of performance making. We will be especially interested in approaches which are understanding working processes also as a way to produce knowledge about artistic processes and working together – we are learning through the work itself. In my lectures i will present many practical examples. The lectures will also offer a possibility to participants to reflect on their actual practical work."

175/2pdf01/04/2008[76pag]EngReader of the seminar by Bojana Kunst Contents: -Kunst, B.: "Embodied context: On Dramaturgy in Contemporary Dance and Performance" -Bauer, E.: "Becoming Room, Becoming Mac. New Artistic Identities in the Transnational Brussels Dance Community" -Kunst, B.: "On protocols, collaboration and language" -Schneider, F.: "Collaboration". -Cvejic, B.: "Learning by making" - Ploebst, H.:"Meeting Yvonne Rainer"(interview) -Bibliography -Ingvartsen, Mette: "Towards a practical understanding of theory" -Lesage, D.: "A portrait of the artist as a poet".
175/1 Audio01/04/2008EngDays 3 and 4 sessions (audio)