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L'animal a l'esquena 2001-2010
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 Ausente pero susceptible de volver 
(Workshop Lab )

L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà)
From 11/08/2009 to 15/08/2009

Rabih Mroué

ico This lab-workshop intensive by Rabih Mroué (Lebanese actor, director, dramaturge, and writer) proposes working with the idea of absence from a point of reflecting on the ways in which we relate to the themes of disappearance, emptiness, memory, rumors, war, and death. Open to a small group of performers, theater and dance-makers, writers, and dramaturges, the work sessions will attempt to bring together these aforementioned questions through the experiences and personal circumstances of the participants.

This lab is part of the apap network and the project Autonomía y complejidad.


198/1 Video11/08/2009[1h]EngLaboratory I
198/2 Video11/08/2009[1h]EngLaboratory II
198/3 Video12/08/2009[1h]EngLaboratory III
198/4 Video12/08/2009[1h]EngLaboratory IV
198/5 Video13/08/2009[1h]EngLaboratory V
198/6 Video15/08/2009[1h]EngLaboratory VI
198/7pdf01/09/2009[4pag]CastInterview to Rabih Mroué (by Isabel de Naverán