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L'animal a l'esquena 2001-2010
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 Pausa en movimiento/Pause in Movement 
(Writing Residence )

L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà)
From 03/08/2020 to 08/08/2020

Mercè Sardà, Estefanía Morante

ico After working for twenty years keeping children company as they experience the joys and fulfilment of dance, Mercè and Estefanía want to write the story of their artistic and teaching experiences both in schools and in extracurricular activities.

“We need, and have promised ourselves, to stop and think and to write, just as during these years we have needed to ‘pause to dance’”.

At L’animal they will begin the task of relating their journey, faithfully recording the discoveries, surprises and challenges they have encountered along the way. For them there is no beginning or end. It is not a linear story describing the experiences of these years in an orderly manner. They see it as a continuous process. It is from this continuum that they will start: with the comings and goings, observations, research, tests, daily life, making discoveries and discovering themselves.

The idea is to write this story with the same quality as they give to their work, as a task that is at once educational and artistic. This is how they see their profession.

“We would also like it to be a game. There is always an element of play in our sessions. Dancing is playing with the body, experimenting, investigating, composing, being open to the unexpected. According to Vea Vecchi, an expert in artistic education from Reggio Emilia, ‘when we work with children we have to recognise the beauty of uncertainty.’ We do recognise this and that’s where we’ll start…”