Arxiu cos creació pensament
L'animal a l'esquena 2001-2010
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From its beginning in 2001 L'Animal a l'esquena has been documenting its activities. The building of a publicly accessible archive has been one of its three main axes alongside 'creation' and 'education'.

The idea of generating a digital archive starts from the need to contextualize, analyze and locate different artistic practices related to body, dance and movement within the framework of contemporary arts. The main purpose for implementing cos creació pensament as a digital archive is to facilitate open access to the study, research and transmission of such practices; and to disseminate the different activities and working processes of the artists participating in the development of L'animal a l'esquena.

The archive reflects a wide variety of insights into the creative and research processes resulting from the projects and people who have 'inhabited' L'animal a l'esquena throughout these years. Its main value relies precisely on the multiplicity of possible readings allowed by this crossing of languages, views and reflections about practices related to body, movement, scene, writing, creation, documentation or new technologies, generated from these processes and shared engagements.