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L'animal a l'esquena 2001-2010
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 Poétique de la danse contemporaine. (La suite)  

Laurence Louppe

"While writing my first Poetic (1995-1996), different signals announced the astonishing renewal of the choreographic field in Europe, which comforted me and gave me great hopes. (...) Pieces coming out from interesting groups with status like À bras le corps by Boris Charmatz and Dimitri Chamblas (1993), Le projet de la matière by Odile Duboc (the same year), Muà by Emmanuelle Huynh (1994), Vegetal by Régine Chopinot (1995), and others I saw later like Nom donné par l'auteur de Jérome Bel (1994) (among many others...), manifested this: the choreographic artists' determination for breaking aesthetic conventions and rules imposed by tradition, laziness or programs.".

Laurence Louppe is an specialist historian in dance aesthetics and visual arts and a choreographic artist. He teaches at the Université de Québec in Montreal, in PARTS (Brussels) and has created a superior degree in Coreographic Culture in Cefedem-Sud of Aubagne.

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