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 The Fluxus Performance Workbook  
Performance Research

Editat per Ken Friedman, Owen Smith i Lauren Sawchyn

The Fluxus Performance Workbook on-line for its fortieth anniversary.

Performance Research, Vol. 7, Nº 3, "On Fluxus".
Eds. Ric Allsopp & Ken Friedman (2002).

"The first examples of what were to become Fluxus event scores date back to John Cage's famous class at The New School, where artists such as George Brecht, Al Hansen, Allan Kaprow and Alison Knowles began to create art works and performances in musical form. One of these forms was the event. Events tend to be scored in brief verbal notations. These notes are known as event scores. In a general sense, they are proposals, propositions, and instructions. Thus, they are sometimes known as proposal pieces, propositions, or instructions".