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L'animal a l'esquena 2001-2010
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 Steve Paxton / Contredanse 
(Writing Residence Network )

L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà)
From 05/11/2007 to 22/11/2007
Presentation :
On 10/11/2007 at 18:00 in L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà)
On 17/11/2007 at 18:00 in L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà)

Steve Paxton, Contredanse

Continuation of the first writing and reflection laboratory initiated in 2005 at L'animal a l'esquena in order to publish in 2008 a book and DVD on Steve Paxton's (USA) reflections and works about the gravity and the spine. Project in collaboration with Contredanse - Dance Documentation Center located in Brussels.


135/14Photos10/01/2007[3]Activity pictures
135/7vimeo10/11/2007[1h]EngTalk with Steve (fixed camera)
135/8 Video10/11/2007[40min]EngTalk with Steve (fixed camera)
135/9 Video10/11/2007[1h2min]EngTalk with Steve I (mobile camera)
135/10 Video10/11/2007[36min]EngTalk with Steve II (mobile camera)
135/11mp310/11/2007[40min]EngTalk with Steve I
135/12mp310/11/2007[10min]EngTalk with Steve II
135/1 Video17/11/2007[1h]EngTalk with Contredanse I (mobile camera)
135/2 Video17/11/2007[30min]EngTalk with Contredanse (side take)
135/3 Video17/11/2007[13min]EngTalk with contredance I (fixed camera)
135/4 Video17/11/2007[58min]EngTalk with Contredance II (fixed camera)
135/5mp317/11/2007[1h11min]EngTalk with Contredanse I
135/6mp317/11/2007[13min]EngTalk with Contredanse II
135/13 Video01/01/2008Eng / FrMaterial for the Spine