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L'animal a l'esquena 2001-2010
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 Entre les côtes de la baleine  
(Lab Temporada Alta )

L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà)
From 14/10/2002 to 18/10/2002
Presentation :
On 19/10/2002 at 22:00 in Sant Domenech (Girona)

Alessandro Certini, Julyen Hamilton, Steve Noble, Steve Paxton, Pep Ramis, Andrés Corchero
( Núria Font, María Muñoz, Ramón Rey )

ico Creation laboratory where 7 international creators met to be able to explore and analyse the processes in relation to creating and thus add another experience to their own methodology, allowing influences from the others.

A performance by seven international artists where the individual work as well as the space of confluence and relationship among them can be watched.

"Entre les côtes de la baleine" is a dialogue proposal among the universes created by each of the participants of this laboratory organized by the Creation Centre L'animal a l'esquena. The artists have met in order to explore and analyze their respective creation processes so to add another experience to their own methodology by letting be influenced by the others.

19/18pdf06/04/2002CatActivity announcement
19/1 Video14/10/2002[21min]Laboratory I
19/2 Video15/10/2002[58min]Laboratory II
19/3 Video16/10/2002[38min]Laboratory III
19/4 Video16/10/2002[4min]Laboratory IV
19/5 Video17/10/2002[49min]Laboratory V
19/6 Video17/10/2002[26min]Laboratory VI
19/7 Video17/10/2002[45min]Laboratory VII
19/8 Video17/10/2002[27min]Laboratory VIII
19/10 Video17/10/2002[28min]Impro-Public presentation Fontana d'Or
19/12 Video18/10/2002[7min]Laboratory XI
19/13vimeo18/10/2002[56min]Public presentation, Temporada Alta (fixed camera)
19/14 Video18/10/2002[1h]Public presentation, Temporada Alta (mobile camera)
19/15 Video18/10/2002[1h]Public presentation, Temporada Alta (mobile camera)
19/16 Video18/10/2002[1h]Rehearsal, Teatre Sant Domènec
19/17 Video18/10/2002[18min]Rehearsal II, Teatre Sant Domènec
19/9 Video18/10/2002[15min]Laboratory IX
19/11 Video18/10/2002[1h]Laboratory X