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L'animal a l'esquena 2001-2010
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 Dramaturgia del espacio-tiempo y territorialidad 
(Research Residence )

L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà)
From 13/07/2009 to 24/07/2009

República Cênica
( Fernando Aleixo, Ana Carolina Mundim, Toni Cots )

ico The Brazilian artists' collective República Cênica continues their investigation about the relationship of the performing body with other creative fields through the project "Dramaturgy of body-space and territoriality". This investigation consists of the following elements: silence as a vacuum, the ephemeral as experiment, and writing as poetic. With this residence, which will have the collaboration of Toni Cots, República Cènica intends to also enhance the dialogue with other spaces for research and creation as well as other artists and thinkers and document the work process through recorded writing, photos, and/or videos.

196/1 Video24/07/2009Public presentation