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L'animal a l'esquena 2001-2010
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(Creation Residence )

L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà)
From 27/07/2009 to 08/08/2009
Presentation :
On 08/08/2009 at 19:00 in L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà)

Jorge Jauregui
( Jorge Jauregui, Kaya Koodziejczyk )

ico Estancias is the initiation of a very personal investigation in various non-urban contexts and areas that inadvertently immerse the creation of a defined piece. It seeks to give time and space to study and reflect for and on the body, the central axis of this residence. This process will be documented audio-visually for later analysis from another perspective.


197/1 Video08/08/2009[15min]Video used on stage during the public presentation
197/2 Audio08/08/2009Phots, video and sounds recorded during residence at L'animal a l'esquena
197/3 Video08/08/2009EngPublic presentation
197/4 Video08/08/2009EngPublic Presentation + Talk
197/5Photos08/08/2009[5]Activity pictures