Arxiu cos creació pensament
L'animal a l'esquena 2001-2010
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 EN CONFECCIÓN (Canción Laverinto) 
(Creation Residence )

L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà)
From 21/07/2011 to 31/07/2011
Presentation :
On 29/07/2011 at 20:00 in L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà)

Mónica Valenciano
( Mónica Valenciano, Estela Llovés, Raquel Sánchez, Sara Paniagua )

ico In the making
(lavyrinth song)

In the making is a parenthesis in the process of creation of Lavyrinth Song where we will pose a reflection on the supports of the methodology in the processes of creation and transmission of language, enumeration of tools, memory, methods of transmission, learning/unlearning, language and the observation of its organic laws, out from the questioning on a formal level and the exploration of new circuits of integration of the body as resounding instrument of a feeling in the process of thinking.

We are interested in prowling around the questioning of what is that which is moving us, putting the accent on the training of perception, the glance of the body, and the body of the word, paying attention to the acoustics of movement and to the presence of space, playing with unveiling the intimate machinery of the performing act, laying bare the invisible process of the relations director-performer, order-execution, idea-action, imagery-matterAnd this out of a confessional body, which shows its vulnerability instead of disguising it, taking place in that evanescent boundary between the public and the private; proposing the body as screen not attempting to represent anything, but to manifest, to co-operate with the act of appearance. It is a process of revealing, which perhaps focus on what all us are hiding, in order to illuminate the corners of memory.

This is not a work in search of a show as an end, not in the sense of representation, not even presentation, but a work for the creation of a place for summoning and its possibilities to be inhabited, crossed over, thus allowing us to be able to inhabit any space in the practice of that mutual impregnation, taking into account all the things that coexist as a living presence on a horizontal level with the things that are there-- objects, bodies, spaces, audiences, in a coexistence where all the elements are integrated. A work which, observing its fundamental supports, can accept the malleability of its materials. A work which houses inside itself other potential works to be revealed, the itineraries of which may change according to dialogues, combinations, trajectories, spatial routes, at every moment of its becoming together. A work which pays attention to the depth of the immediate, the presence of error, and the acceptance of the limits as possibility, in their attentional rather than intentional wish. A work as an open and collaborative structure among those who are part of it-- the roles can be moving, interchangeable by means of the look, the practice, the observation and the conduction.

We are in this parenthesis to try to remember the making of this fabric, to listen to it carefully, to follow the tracks, to insist on signs towards/in the "lavyrinth song".


Towards a grammar of feeling

Lavyrinth Songis born as a proposal to gather, like in a map-cartography, out of images taken from the book Fisherman with Subtitles by Mónica Valenciano. This starting point gives rise to a zone of opening where a collective creation process emerges, weaved in the exchange among Mónica Valenciano, Estela Lloves, Raquel Sánchez y Sara Paniagua.

Note: There is a word game in the title in Spanish: Laberinto(Labyrinth) is intentionally written Laverinto as may sound (more or less) as Lover into..