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L'animal a l'esquena 2001-2010
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 La incorruptible belleza de la distancia 
(Creation Residence )

L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà)
From 01/08/2011 to 10/08/2011

Cecilia Colacrai
( Cecilia Colacrai, Hernán Galbiati, Esteban Crucci )

ico "The incorruptible beauty of distance" is a contaminated dance piece. It has born out of the need to investigate the relation between time, memory and duration from three different perspectives: dance, photography and video.

The whole artistic team has been developing a video–dance project in prisons for two years now. We understand that this "time apart", suspended between the past and the future, inside walls, is not however "a dead time".

This experience makes us rethink our own perception of time and creates the need to understand time not only from the point of view of different arts, but also from different realities; time is relative depending on who, where and when.

We have worked with the John Berger's letters "From A to X" which offer us images, sensations and feelings that a woman expresses through writing in order to communicate with her lover who has been condemned to two life sentences. These letters offer us a poetic language and help us understand that sentences are not only for those in jail; these letters approach us to the construction of a character, a woman who can recover, using her memories, something of the past and at the same time establish a new order. Maybe, change some past event to allow her to re-construct a present and possibly see some other future...

"We can do anything with the past. The only thing we cannot do is change its consequences"

During the technical residency in L'Animal a L'Esquena we will develop the last part of the creation process.

"There is no mute history. However much they burn it, however much they break it, however much they lie, human memory refuses to shut up. The time that was is still beating, alive in the time that is". Galileo said this.

(From the book "From A to X" by John Berger)