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L'animal a l'esquena 2001-2010
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 Lo Natural 
(Creation Residence )

L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà)
From 26/03/2012 to 30/03/2012

Amaranta Velarde

ico This project emerges from my interest in artificial nature; in those places inside and outside of us, which have been modified but seem to be spontaneous. I wonder what does the expression to be more natural means. Where does the artificial end and where does the natural begin? Supposing it is possible to return to a natural essence, what does the so-called "to connect with nature" mean?

I am fascinated by the hybrid between the human and the machine. I am not interested in one extreme or the other; I am interested in what emerges between the two definitions. Between the organic and the artificial. This is what I think we are now. We sometimes take for granted that we understand what natural means and there is a certain tendency, a naïve desire to return to nature without knowing really what it means to live in that environment. Without realizing that our nature is already manipulated, that manipulation is an inborn quality for us.

During the process my research will be based on:

The appropriation and emission of natural elements (for example, sound recordings of The Amazon Rainforest) in the theatre as an artificial environment, in order to generate the paradox of elements which are apparently opposite and not a definition of them. Moreover, I will experiment with the concept of the artificial

In terms of movement and presence, I am investigating on how can I contaminate a more organic fluid and open quality of movement with a more controlled, predetermined and definite movement, in order to find a hybrid presence between the two of them. I fluctuate between representation and theatrical projection to a more "natural" and close presence to the interpreter.

Improvisation based on "Authentic Movement", to research on a more impulsive, informal and ambiguous movement. And also predetermined codes and techniques of dance in order to create more contrast and to shift between both to project a sense of the artificial or manipulated versus the natural or organic.

The use of improvisation movements associated to images of animals and natural elements, both to develop new sensations and to really test a transformation that plays with representation and shows its impossibility in an ironic way.

The use of oral speeches about the return to nature and the connection with nature broadcasted from the computer. Creating a paradox in the intention and an ironic reflection to the existing new age discourse in our society nowadays.

The exaggeration of electronic presence in the body, deepening in the man-machine concept. Humanization of the machines used on stage, creating an emotional link between the interpreter and the object.