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 Refugio temporal y localidad 
(Seminar )

Universitat de Girona (Girona)
From 12/09/2001 to 15/09/2001

Toni Cots, Ric Allsopp, Claire MacDonald, María Muñoz, Toni Cots, Àngels Margarit, Pepe Sánchez, Alfons Martinell

ico Seminar of reflection and discussion about temporal areas and shelters that suggest a scenic art of experimentation, to enable and to explore the esthetical, cultural and political strategies, which it makes use of.

"Art needs to create a temporary zone of coherence based on the presence of different voices and visions, looking for a change of the values and attitudes related to visuality, textuality, identity and corporality. In short, a temporary zone recognizing and accepting completely the difference.

The idea of an "environmental theater" provides a different theater model. It tries to find a place where to present the human body in an artificial environment, with a redefinition of values which result might not be the seclusion but the creation of "refuges" and temporary "zones" where people can meet. It is an approximation to theater from a nomad point of view where the temporary zone, the temporary refuge can be built out of the institutional cultural environment."

4/15pdf12/09/2001CatActivity announcement
4/1mp312/09/2001[2h22min]EngI Ric, Claire, Toni, María
4/2mp312/09/2001[6min]EngII Afternoon/ Morning I
4/3mp313/09/2001[1h20min]EngIII/ Morning II:Jean Plume, Jaume Bossocome, Claire, Ric, María, Toni
4/4mp313/09/2001[3h]EngIV/ Morning III
4/5mp313/09/2001[1h8min]Cat / EngV/ Afternoon: Alfons Martinell
4/6mp313/09/2001[181]EngVI/ Afternoon II: Alfons Martinell, Pep Ramis
4/7mp313/09/2001[1h20min]Eng / CastVII/ Afternoon III
4/8mp314/09/2001[31min]EngVIII/ Morning I: Pepe Sánchez, Àngels Margarit, Txiki Beramondo, Ric Allsop, Claire McDonald, Cristina Cerudí, María, Toni
4/9mp314/09/2001[3h]EngIX/ Morning II/ Afternoon I
4/10mp314/09/2001[45min ]EngX/ Afternoon II
4/11mp315/09/2001[32min]EngXI/ Afternoon III/ Morning I
4/12 Audio15/09/2001EngXII/ Morning (without sound)
4/13mp315/09/2001[32min]EngXIII/ Public Presentation I
4/14mp315/09/2001[15min]EngXIV/Public Presentation III