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L'animal a l'esquena 2001-2010
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(Creation Residence DESEMBRenDANSA )

L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà)
From 28/11/2016 to 08/12/2016
Presentation :
On 08/12/2016 at 19:00 in L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà)

Group LaBolsa, Mal Pelo
( Group LaBolsa, Anna Rubirola, Cecilia Colacrai, Federica Porello, Iris Heitzinger, Mireia de Querol, Natalia Jiménez, Xavi Moreno, Mal Pelo, Pep Ramis, María Muñoz )

ico ciclo DESEMBRenDANSA

The Group LaBolsa was formed in 2012 by seven performers-artists, who shared common concerns in relation to investigation of movement based on scores. A part of the interest of this work lies in the fact that this method allows space for performers to apply their own creative intuition in a live performance.
The group’s aim is to organize meetings with choreographers who have been an important inspiration for the work and the artistic development of each of the members of laBolsa and at the same time are at the moment referential because of their own improvisation practice and performance language.

The first meeting organized by LaBolsa was with the choreographer Thomas Hauert, with whom they could not only learn and practice the tools developed by him and his company, but also use them to delve into the creative process of the performance The measure of disorder (2015), investigating together with Thomas its performance potential.

Given the richness of this encounter, LaBolsa proposes a new encounter, this time with Maria Muñoz and Pep Ramis, directors of Mal pelo.
The Company Mal pelo is one of the key references for the Catalan contemporary scene, for their artisanal performance work and the particular poetic universe contained in their works.
In this Laboratory we are interested in bringing to the surface the laborious work of the performer, and in the development of tools that can make him/her access a different artistic universe.