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La Fontana d'Or (Girona)
On 13/12/2003
Presentation :
On 13/12/2003 at 12:00 in La Fontana d'Or (Girona)

Jackie Taffanel

ico Open rehearsal by Cie Taffanel and talk with Jackie Taffanel, where the artist talked about the composition in the centre of the relation between choreographers – performers; from improvisation to track, from committed sensation to associated visions.

44/3pdf13/12/2003CatActivity Announcement
44/1 Video13/12/2003[1h]Fran / CatOpen rehearsal and conversation with audience
44/2 Video13/12/2003[23min]Fran / CatConversation with the audience and showing of the work by Cie Taffanel work