Tuning Scores (Partituras de afinación)
L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà)
From 25/03/2002 to 01/04/2002

Lisa Nelson
( Peter Hulton, Núria Font )

Workshop conducted by Lisa Nelson, about the composition, the comunication and the meaning of the imagination. The always present question of, what do we look at when we are observing dance; the objective is to make our view visible.

The workshop also had the daily participation of Peter Hulton and ocassionally of Núria Font. They were invited to coordinate this workshop with the Seminar of Reflection about Documentation, Archive and Dissemination of the Process of Creativity that was carried out during the second week of the activities cycle.

"In this workshop the research is focused on the physical base of imagination. By changing the way we use our senses when we move and while watching the movement, we will explore how our senses' patterns of movement have and effect on how and why we move and on the interaction with our internal and external environment. While focusing on the sight, hearing and touch, "the scores"generate spontaneous compositions that show our space, time, action and desire choices.

The practice includes the tuning of senses, measuring the immobility and movement through each of them, moving from sensation to action."

10/1 Workshop (recorded and edited by Peter Hulton, vhs) [Video > 1h Eng] (25/03/2002) 
10/2 Workshop II [Video > 49min Eng] (25/03/2002) 
10/3 Workshop III [Video > 56min Eng] (30/03/2002) 
10/4 Workshop IV [Video > 7min Eng] (31/03/2002) 
10/5 Workshop V [Video > 34min Eng] (01/04/2002) 
10/6 Interview with Lisa Nelson [Video > 44min Eng] (01/04/2002) 
10/7 Workshop (recorded and edited by Peter Hulton - Arts Archives dvd-rom) [Video > 54min Eng] (25/03/2002)