Tuning Scores (Partituras de afinación)- Composición y el sentido de la Imaginación
L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà)
From 03/11/2008 to 07/11/2008

Lisa Nelson
( Lisa Nelson )

Performing artists of all disciplines welcome.

This research focuses on the physical base of the imagination. Composition, communication, and performance are the subjects. By altering the way we use our senses while moving and watching movement, we can begin to identify the genetic, cultural and idiosyncratic movement patterns our senses use to construct our experience. These patterns both inform our desire for action and what we see when we are attending to anything. Tuning scores offer tools for communication that cross disciplinary lines and give insight into and practice of performance and dance-making processes.

169/1 Workshop [Video > 1h Eng / Cast] (03/10/2008)