Hello to you all,

This is to let you know that we are now preparing the programme of activities at L’animal a l’esquena for the coming year, 2018. We would also like to inform you that there will be no open call for the selection of residencies this time around.

The current political situation means that we cannot be sure of the continuation of our project, just as there is no firm assurance of support from arts institutions for structures such as ours. This is a private initiative at the service of the public which for more than twenty years has given continuous support to the creative processes of a great many artists. Economic pressure means that we cannot maintain a permanent team to carry on a project on the scale of L’animal.
This coming year we therefore intend to rethink so as to adapt to the human reality we face in our lives at this moment.

We would like to reaffirm our desire to give ongoing support to the associate projects linked to L’animal. We also want to raise the profile of the collaborations we have maintained for years with other centres and initiatives such as the Azala creation centre in the Basque Country or Mostra InSitu in Barcelona, as well as more recent collaborations with kindred organisations such as La Caldera and La Poderosa in Barcelona. These decisions limit our availability to host other projects during the year.

For years, L’animal a l’esquena has been resisting and adapting to cuts in the arts and the precarious situation these have brought about, working with a smaller team and with the minimum resources required to carry on our activities with dignity and professionalism.

We believe that L’animal a l’esquena is not sufficiently valued on the map of arts centres, most of which are located in Barcelona. We believe in the need for arts centres all over the country. We also defend its unique characteristics: the natural environment, the round the clock availability of rehearsal space for artists, accommodation, technical support provided by professionals who have worked with us for years and specific artistic guidance.

We hope that the situation may improve so that we can carry on our work, which would involve continuing with residences as well as planning other activities such as seminars, workshops and events with the mind, creation and the body at their core.

Further ahead we shall inform you of our plans for the project in 2019.

Thankyou for your understanding and your trust.

María Muñoz and Pep Ramis
Directors of L’animal a l’esquena
16th December 2017