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L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà)
From 30/10/2017 to 05/11/2017

( Misióndivina )

What is misióndivina?

Let’s imagine we go running from time to time and someone asks us why we do it. Why do we put on a pair of trainers and set out to run ourselves ragged? We don’t know how to answer because we don’t know why. We’re not hoping to make any money out of it, or win fame or even the recognition of others. Running serves no concrete purpose, it’s not a means to any end. Seen in this way, running is a form of counter-cultural expression as it cannot be measured in cost and benefit.

If we had to give an answer, the closest to the truth would be: “so as not to go mad”. This was the response given by that great humanist and human Oscar Cornago, when someone asked him why he did yoga every morning. So that’s what misióndivina is for, to prevent us going round the bend.
Just as we put on our trainers to go out for a run and then see what we find along the way, the premise of misióndivina is to bring together a group of people to share their knowledge about physical practices and then get down to work.

What is the past and future of misióndivina?

At the moment, it’s like going for a run on a mountainside, in an area you are not familiar with: you carry on and at the crossroads you take decisions by intuition, without any certainty. The sum of all these decisions determines the route.