Writing Residence  
Epistolario Manila/Manila Epistles
L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà)
From 01/03/2021 to 06/03/2021

Catalina Julve
( Catalina Julve )

The artist Catalina Julve will have several sessions working on her new project Epistolario Manila/Manila Epistles.

February 2021
(From Mallorca)

Creation of a set of letters between the artist in her usual creative setting and the location of her artistic residency (addressed to the artist), so that the sender and recipient are the same person, who will open her correspondence in a space where she doesn’t live, turning it into a space for creation.
Whether through texts, images and/or objects, the letters sent by the artist-sender suggest imagery that, in the context of L’animal, establish the beginnings of communication and a relationship between the different creative spaces and the artist. They also offer technical support for the graphic and visual parts of the project to follow.

March 1-6, 2021
(From L’animal)

Once the letters have been received and opened at their destination, the artist will carry out research with the help of the bibliography and photographic archive at L’animal, to help guide the project towards a concrete theme that may arise from the new space of the residency, the letters received and any material that may provide a starting point or thread leading to the third part and most decisiva part of the project.

May 10-29, 2021
(From L’animal)

Drawing on the sheets of paper that came in the letters, based on whatever may be evoked by their texts or by the research in the second part of the project.
Construction of a huge paper sail by sticking the papers to each other and evaluating the possibility of bringing in audiovisual techniques such as video projection, etc.