Creation Residence  
L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà)
From 16/05/2022 to 20/05/2022


The project Desbordes/Excesses looks into the human need for evasion and the creation of alternative identities as a means of escape from everyday limits and the emptiness of the human condition. Through excess, artificiality and indulgence, its characters come up against a reality that they cannot contain, in a constant search for fantasy and unreality. The project investigates the concepts of overflow and containment in relation to the aesthetics of performance, corporality and choreographic language. The limits of harmony, restraint and appropriateness are questioned, aiming for a physical and aesthetic effusion in times of containment and austerity.

The project takes as its source of inspiration the kitsch, camp aesthetic, as well as the ephemeral 1980s movement known as the New Romantics.
The starting points for this piece of work are the mixture of elements that contribute to it, its kitsch look, its optimism and exuberance, androgenous traits and a theatrical approach that implies denaturation and artificiality through excess and evasion.

“At the limit, containment and order lie in exhausted, miniscule, tamed movements. The restrained form spills out its concrete austerity.
Adored outlines, real limits, satisfied margins, resigned peripheries, finite endings, contained ideas, concrete margins, enclosed futures.”
Amaranta Velarde

Director: Amaranta Velarde
Performance: Amaranta Velarde, Guillem Jiménez
Music: Cristóbal Saavedra
Artistic consultant: Cris Blanco