Creation Residence  
De voz, un cuerpo/Voice, Body
L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà)
From 20/05/2024 to 25/05/2024

Leonor Leal
( Leonor Leal )

De voz, un cuerpo is a performance project with four musicians and a dancer. Together they will compose a sound track based on research begun by Leonor Leal at the end of 2022. This sound track will be the fruit of a free interpretation of the testimonies of women (former flamenco dancers) who described to Leonor their inner images as they danced.

There are few texts written by flamenco dancers, rather than essays on dance or biographies. There are few bodies that have published their internal images, based on their personal observations that have helped them to dance better. Practice is full of tangible material for our bodies, words that resonate one day in our learning process and change our vision, lines of light, lines on the floor, in sound, on our skins, ideas, sensations, temporary parameters, silences, gestures, prayers, invocations of other bodies, melodies, remedies and even entire conversations in the solitude of our bodies on this art that has always seemed from the outside to be mute.

What if we could talk about all this? All this wisdom about dance that is so concrete, so rich, complex and full of images? What were the doubts that assailed one stage of an artistic career? The desires, journeys, the frustration or love imprinted on the choreographies that made up a whole personal world and philosophy.

The performance will take place as part of FlamenGi, Gerona’s flamenco festival, which began in the local neighbourhoods of the city and gradually spread throughout the province, with the aim of making this art accessible to everyone.