Creation Residence  
L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà)
From 01/07/2024 to 06/07/2024
Presentation :
On 06/07/2024 at 18:00 in L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà)

Javier Martín
( Javier Martín )

Beltenebros is a choreographic project by Javier Martín, in a variety of settings as regards art, performance, sound and installation, which embodies themes such as the syndrome of the cancellation of the future of the post modern identity and its techno-religious leanings, in a critical analysis of the background noise of our age, as an effect of the inertia of cognitive rituals that now lack any communal significance. Beltenebros considers the reinterpretation of the dysphoric body, familiar to our times, through practice with anatomical votive offerings - representations in wax, metal or wood of different organs and other parts of the body - and the installation on stage of a particular “hangman’s game” as a framework for the action and its pauses; not showing the game or the votive rites, but producing alternative meanings through them. Each offering makes, with the sound, an approach to the body, a kinetic situation. This is a dance of the macabre in collaboration with the pianist Haruna Takebe and the camerawoman-performer Masako Hattori.

Haruna Takebe, piano
Javier Martín, body
Masako Hattori, camerawoman
Octavio Mas, lighting
Sabela Mendoza, director
David Durán, sound
Raissa Pomposo, theory

A Casa Vella - L’animal a l’esquena - residencias PICE
AGADIC - Xunta de Galicia Concello da Coruña