La Fontana d'Or (Girona)
On 10/12/2005
Presentation :
On 10/12/2005 at 12:00 in La Fontana d'Or (Girona)

Iziar Rozas
( Ixiar Rozas )

Chat with Ixiar Rozas, where the artist presented the project 'Perikeriak', conceived with the idea of creating collective spaces of knowledge, of thoughts and of action. That is the reason why a conference (or seeing modes) programme was organized, workshop (or narrating modes) and a parallel programme.

83/1 Conversation with Ixiar Rozas I [Video > 1h Cast] (10/12/2005) 
83/2 Conversation with Ixiar Rozas II (no sound) [Video > 1h Cast] (10/12/2005) 
83/3 Conversation [Audio > 35nin Cast] (10/12/2005) 
 83/4 Activity Announcement [Text > Cat] (10/12/2005)