Notación del movimiento y archivos
La Fontana d'Or (Girona)
On 13/05/2006
Presentation :
On 13/05/2006 at 12:00 in La Fontana d'Or (Girona)

Scott deLahunta
( Scott deLahunta )

Conversation with researcher and teacher Scott deLahunta (USA/NL), who presented a series of projects related with the movement notation and archives created from choreographies by Forsythe, Trisha Brown, Myriam Gourfink, Wayne McGregor and Emio Greco/Pieter Scholten. He spoke also about modeling, simulation and movement capture: representational analysis and systems.

90/1 Conversation I [Video > 56min Eng] (13/05/2006) 
90/2 Conversation II [Video > 45min Eng] (13/05/2006) 
 90/3 Activity Announcement [Text > Cat] (13/05/2006)