Research Residence
Las Muchísimas

L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà)
From 11/12/2017 to 21/12/2017
Presentation :
On 21/12/2017 at 19:00 in Teatre Ateneu (Celrà)

Mariantònia Oliver
( Mariantònia Oliver )

In collaboration with the Teatre Ateneu de Celrà

The project Las Muchísimas began in January 2017 with the aim of continuing and expanding on the performance project Las Muchas. This brought together six women of between 70 and 80 on stage, after an intensive workshop with the Mallorcan choreographer Mariantònia Oliver.
Thanks to the support of the Teatro Principal de Mallorca, Las Muchísimas now hopes to gather 15 women on stage in early 2018, made up of five groups from five different cities who have already experienced Las Muchas.
Five workshops/laboratories will be arranged in 2017, in each of the cities taking part in the project.
We want to work with the local theatre in each city, to support and present the project. The local coordinator of each group is a choreographer who has worked with Mariantònia Oliver. He or she will provide continuity in the work with the women selected (Las Muchísmas) and a link with the central nucleus of the project, the Mariantònia Oliver Company on the island of Mallorca.

 Creation Residence
Do not retain us

L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà)
From 11/12/2017 to 16/12/2017
Presentation :
On 16/12/2017 at 19:00 in L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà)

Rima Maroun
( Rima Maroun )

The project is an instalation of photography, video and dance, in which the photrapher and performer Rima Maroun explores the relationship between photgraphy and movement. Rima looks for a deep, intimate link between these two forms of expression, making self portraits and photographs of her body in motion and associating the images with her research through an internal rhythm, questioning our position, as spectators, towards the image.

 Creation Residence
Método Negro

L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà)
From 18/12/2017 to 22/12/2017
Presentation :
On 22/12/2017 at 19:00 in L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà)

Javier Martín
( Javier Martín )

“If you name me, you negate me”, Kierkegaard

From a position of relative weakness,
form finds itself. Hunger
creates method, and a trail. Disharmony, technique.
You cannot explain water, only remark on it.

It is in the nature of human beings to take shape, create a body. Objects allow themselves to be made. A truly erotic desire cannot be made at will, but must be “discovered” passively.

 Creation Residence
COR/Pirómana d’Argos

L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà)
From 27/12/2017 to 05/01/2018

Nuria Iglesias
( Nuria Iglesias )

Hold tight: terreposomoto. A cry in the woods. Now it kill him. Everything burstes. There is a heart is leaves for going to inside. He was a good person. Let it go. The horses, who know of the step that will come, escape, and then, feeling the scattering in the gills contagious from the insistent song of the crickets, the images begin to come. The images had already come, but I did not remember and I remembered! Neon lights on the head, choreography of morbid worms: 'You have a terrible fear, girl!'. And I started to run and my legs became strong and I got some amazing wings and I got lost, but, really, I was hanging in a dawn sky and I just had to wake up from the numbness of that hemlock that was born thanks to the pressure that the paw of a deer propelling itself towards the jump told the seed to sink it in the undergrowth of a beech tree on a summer evening.

Tools for Action

L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà)
From 08/01/2018 to 12/01/2018

Mal Pelo
( Mal Pelo, Pep Ramis, María Muñoz )

Mal Pelo offers a workshop in which to try out the mechanisms of action and what they may lead to. A look at movement and composition for the body in action. Precision, endurance, commitment, intensity, silence, absences, presences, punctuation, habitability, surrender, phrasing, punctuation, lineality, temporality, musicality, rhythm and composition are some of the terms we shall be looking at during the course.
To act: 1. To carry out an action 2. To make movements and gestures to make something understood 3. To command the action of a mechanism.


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