The work of L’animal a l’esquena is centred at the moment around activities in support of creators.

L’animal has an ongoing open applications scheme, from which we draw up a diary to host creators’ projects, working out dates and keeping space free for other necessary activities such as publicity, education and professional training, as well as for production residencies and to welcome artists from abroad.

The spaces that are made available for residencies are mainly those used to encourage the creative process, that is to say the studio, the rooms in the farm house for research, reflection and/or writing and the natural spaces outdoors. If public performances are held in these spaces, they are adapted to welcome an audience.

Residencies may be of three different types:

Research-creation residency: the aim is to encourage dialogue between artists to develop a piece of creative and investigative work.
Reflection and writing residency: the aim is to offer a place to concentrate in a specially adapted part of the farm house where it is possible to work in silence.
Nature residency: the aim is to develop research projects in the natural environment, such as installations, sculptures, audiovisual or scientific work.

For some time now, L’animal has distinguished between external projects and its own:

Resident Associate Company: Mal Pelo

Associate Project: L’animal gives broader support to a group of artists with whom it has a close artistic relationship, offering them space to work for various periods throughout the year and providing them with artistic advice, open to discussion. L’animal has an annual programme of residencies for projects linked to it, associate and selected artists. This category includes the residencies of the resident associate company and collaboration with the Teatro Ateneu in Celrà.

Associate Projects 2020:
Xavier Bobés
Baró d’Evel Cirk Cie
Federica Porello
Leonor Leal
Pep Aymerich
Marta Izquierdo Muñoz [lodudo] producción
Mónica Valenciano
Mariantònia Oliver
Group LaBolsa
Osso Club (Enric Ases, Andrés Corchero, María Muñoz, Pep Ramis, Piero Steiner)

Annual Programme: These are projects for residencies that are planned on the basis of proposals from artists and companies sent as applications by mail.

Collaborative Residencies: These residencies arise from a programme of collaboration with other organisations working in the field of artistic promotion and involve an exchange of resident artists.
L’animal currently collaborates with Azala arts centre, Álava, Vitória; La Caldera, Les Corts, Barcelona; Teatro Pradillo, Madrid and EIMA, Mallorca.

In 2020 L’animal is offering for the first time a specific call for projects from Latin America, in keeping with its internationalist aims and activities. This new initiative is part of the Iberescena (Fondo de Ayudas para las Artes Escéncias Iberoamericanas - Fund in Support of Ibero American Performance Arts) programme of residencies, that in 2020 will allow two artists or collectives to be included in L’animal’s programme of residencies.