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Teatre de Salt (Salt)
On 06/04/2002
Presentation :
On 06/04/2002 at 22:00 in Teatre de Salt (Salt)

Steve Paxton, Lisa Nelson
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PART is a duet, created in the 70s, which reflects the artistic collaboration and language of Steve Paxton and Lisa Nelson. This performance presents a landscape that is structured from relationships and improvised dance, with texts and music by Robert Ashley.

This is the first and last part of an opera in 8 parts called "Perfect Lives". The sound of the voice becomes part of the music. The text does not illustrate de dance nor the dance illustrates the text. They coexist in a parallel way and sometimes, they touch each other.

12/1 Salt Theater [Video > 49min Eng] (06/04/2002) 
 12/2 Activity announcement [Text > Cat] (06/04/2002)