Absent interfaces: encuentro y reunión de la red
L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà)
From 12/10/2007 to 14/12/2008

Scott deLahunta, Daniel Aschwanden, Andrea Bozic, Aylin Kalem, Toni Cots, Ivana Ivkovic
( Scott deLahunta, Daniel Aschwanden, Andrea Bozic, Aylin Kalem, Toni Cots, Ivana Ivkovic )

Absent interfaces is a project based on the relationship between body/technologies/performing arts that will be developed until 2010. Working meetings and research will be carry out by the following centres; Tanzquartier (Vienna), CDU (Zagreb), Bodig (Istambul) and L'animal to l'esquena (Celrà), with the participation and collaboration of Scott deLahunta, Daniel Aschwanden, Andrea Bozic, Aylin Chalet, Toni Cots and different guest artists.

Absent Interfaces is an international project initiated in 2005, seeking to encourage the creation of new artistic creations on the basis of the following two principles: establish relations between live performances and new media technologies; to take a critical posture with the modes of their own productions and/or creations. A series of activities including labs, residencies, workshops, seminars and presentations (publication, exhibition and performance/ installation) are currently being planned for the period 2008-2010 by four international partners: L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà/ Girona), Centre for Dramatic Arts (Zagreb), Bodig (Istanbul) and Deep blue (Brussels), with the collaboration of TanzQuartier (Wien).

The general aim of the activities of Absent Interfaces is to develop and support the creation process of the artists; taking into account that the artists themselves will define the specific research content. This process will remain open to production in multiple formats, as well as the possibility of periods of non-production. The confluence of the diversity of cultural contexts as well as other fields of knowledge (vis a vis specialist lectures, etc.) will determine prominently the stimulation of new ideas and creativeness in the project. An important dimension of Absent Interfaces is the documentation and dissemination of the results of the investigation alongside the presentation of the creations.