Crisis de Palabras
L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà)
From 19/11/2009 to 21/11/2009

Espai en blanc
( Espai en blanc, Daniel Blanchard )

A seminar with Daniel Blanchard. In the frame of the project "El combate del pensamiento" (`The struggle with thought').

Today we use communication channels, but not ones pertaining to words. What has been called the end of ideologies is a crisis of words where all of us use the same terms for antagonistic problems: creativity, cooperation, experimentation or freedom etc serve power just as much as resistance.

In this seminar, we propose to tackle this problem in the company of Daniel Blanchard, early member of Socialisme ou Barbarie, who has made the saying "crisis of words"a key to understanding the relationship between critical discourse and reality. Blanchard believes it is not possible to escape from this crisis of words. Rather, it must be left open as a condition for reinventing it as language. Today politics is a semiotic battleground where we must conquer words in order to transform the world.

For years Espai en Blanc has located their practical-theoretical proposals in the heart of this crisis, searching for the words that affect the ways in which we embody a critical thought.

With the collaboration of MASKA, Anna Lindh Foundation and the network project Autonomía y complejidad.

207/1 Meeting day I (outdoors) [Video > 30min Cast] (21/11/2009) 
207/2 Meeting day II (outdoors) [Video > 1h Cast] (21/11/2009) 
207/3 Jornada de encuentro III (indoors) [Video > 1h Cast] (21/11/2009) 
207/4 Seminar I [Audio > 4h10min Cast] (20/11/2009) 
 207/5 Report on the encounters, by Victoria Pérez [Text > 10pag Cast] (21/11/2009) 
207/6 Seminar II [Audio > 45min Cast] (21/11/2009) 
207/7 Seminar III [Audio > 7min Cast] (21/11/2009) 
207/8 Seminar IV (outdoors) [Audio > 1h Cast] (21/11/2009) 
207/9 Seminar V [Audio > 18min Cast] (21/11/2009) 
207/10 Seminar VI [Audio > 13min Cast] (21/11/2009)