L'animal Tardor (Autumn) HumanBoundaryManifesto Celebration  
BHUM ! 3
L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà)
From 23/09/2013 to 05/10/2013

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L'animal Tardor is the umbrella for a programme of activities centred around Creation, Nature and Science (technology) and other projects from 16th September to 5th October.

The activities of L'animal Tardor aim to address the concerns arising from the relationship between science, nature and creation. New horizons include visibility, social participation and diversity of discourse. When we talk about the arts and their territory, we need to talk about the margins and an attempt at decentralisation. The tasks of stimulation, participation and communication in a non-urban environment require dialogue and a constant process of doubt, questioning and reaffirmation. We take a scientific, creative and practical view of a changing environment that can still teach us a great deal about our social and political structures. The activities of L'animal Tardor include moments of reflection, creation, experiment and social gathering.

The third Bhum! event aims to raise the profile of creative work in a place that links these three axes: creation, nature and science. On the 5th October there will be public performances of the various laboratories held during L'animal Tardor, as well as a party including different acts all day and into the night.

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