Celebration L'animal Tardor (Autumn)  
Celebrating the inauguration of the restored porch of Mas Espolla
L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà)
On 19/11/2016
Presentation :
On 19/11/2016 at 23:00 in L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà)

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On 19th November we would like to celebrate with you the restoration of the porch at Mas Espolla, a space that has seen many shared moments. The threshing floor and porch have been emblems of our BHUM! Festivities and the scene of many conversations with guest artists at L’animal a l’esquena.

The porch needed revitalising and we have rebuilt it. With this party, L’animal reaffirms its commitment to carrying on its annual programme of events and also to holding another BHUM! in the future. Renovation means reinventing ourselves, making ourselves stronger and more beautiful. This is the spirit in which we want to re-inhabit our – your – porch.


The porch is a singular architectural feature of the Mas, located near Palagret, Celrà, Gerona. Covering 70 square metres, it has two slopes supported on two great wooden beams parallel to the façade. It rests on three tapering circular columns with well worked capitals which are said to come from nearby Roman ruins. It is covered with Arab roofing on battens supported by the façade and by wooden beams, using the system known as llata per canal.
Beside the great porch is the threshing floor, paved with large stone slabs and tiles. This is surrounded by a low stone wall.


Threshing on the threshing floor.
Many people from the village used to come here to do their pressing at the time of the grape harvest, they came in their carts. In winter, we filled the porch with boxes of maize. At first we used to get the kernels out with the help of animals, later with the tractor. That was what we did in winter. When we were little we used to play in the porch with practically nothing, we amused ourselves with whatever there was.

Josep Bidó, farmer born at Mas Espolla

The place of the porch.
Moments of conversation and parties, as well as of silence and solitude. A quiet place, full of mystery. I remember the first olive harvest, spread out in the porch to separate them from the leaves. All around was building and reconstruction work. It was not until much later that we occupied the house and porch, and then it was filled with voices.
Eduard Teixidor

A space to dream.
It’s like an open house offering refuge and silence. A space inhabited by the memory of the many souls who have visited it. We have reached a moment of change and renovation. It is up to us to conserve what it has been and what it has meant.

María Muñoz

A microclimate.
The porch and the threshing floor have always been there, waiting peacefully. It’s said that every two or three generations people change their houses and living spaces. The porch is a welcoming, shelteriing place. A place to imagine a future.

Pep Ramis