Creation Residence - Associate Project 2020  
La Contínua Revisitada / Continuously Revisited
L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà)
From 23/11/2020 to 28/11/2020

Mariantònia Oliver
( Mariantònia Oliver, Catalina Carrasco, María Muñoz, Jaume Manresa, Maria Güell )


To mark the 30th anniversary of the Compañía Mariantònia Oliver, the artist proposes to “revisit” some of the pieces that have been important for her career, breathing new life into them and interpreting them with the benefit of experience and her current view point.

La Contínua Revisitada is based on the idea of fragmentation as a means of experimentation and choreographic composition, to create a situation of tense intimacy with the audience and to involve the spectator in an active, improvised manner in the performance.

The stage is structured around a sofa. The idea is arbitrarily to invite spectators to sit on it and take an active part in the construction of our dramatic plot. This will entail a flow of improvisation, freshness and spontaneity and exposes us to risk and error. It will keep us on our toes and modify the lines of composition, like an open game in which no sooner do rules expire, new ones are invented.

Artistic Credits

Director, Choreographer: Mariantònia Oliver
Performers: Mariantònia Oliver and Cati Carrasco
Artistic Consultant: Maria Muñoz
Lighting: Maria Güell
Sound: Jaume Manresa
Images: Carlos Gómez i Maria Güell
Set: Ferran Aguiló i Mariantònia Oliver
Wardrobe: Cortana
Executive Producer: Rosa Miret
Technical Director: Manuel Martínez
Graphics: Irene Pascual